Service providers description With over 30 years' experience behind it, the Chuuttt sound studio was created by two people with a passion for "sound in pictures". Frédéric Hamelin, a freelance sound engineer, works closely with the director, taking each stage of the film to heart, from script reading to mixing. Accompanied if need be by his long-standing partner Sylvianne Bouget, Chief Sound Editor. Services provided: Live editing, Sound editing, Original sound library, Sound effects / voice-over / post-synchro / audio description recording, 5.1 stereo reduction mixing, Sound restoration, Digitisation of analogue recordings.

References: FF "Les Sorcières d'Akelarre" (Sorgin Films & Tita B), "Et mon cœur transparent" (Injam Production), documentary "Much Ado about Dying" (Soilsiu Films), "Le Dernier continent" (A perte de vue Films), SF "Je les aime tous" (Les 48° rugissants), MLF "Eva voudrait" (A PERTE DE VUE / sound editing and mixing), ...

Location : Carhaix, Finistère

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