About us

Crédit photo : Alexandre LAMOUREUX / Saint-Malo, Ille-et-Vilaine (35)

Accompanying and supporting project owners in the film and audiovisual sector is what we are all about: a 360-degree service, from writing to film conservation. Our objective is also to work supportively in structuring the regional industry, facilitating the reception of national and international productions and co-productions, while also focusing on key players diffusing works, along with promoting film literacy. A unique portal to regional activity, we offer support to all creative endeavour, in all its diversity. Our support for you comes through different ways: helping and accompanying the different industry actors, facilitating cooperation and reinforcing the industry’s collective dynamics.

Support projects with film funding

The support fund for Cinematographic and Audiovisual Creation in the Brittany Region (FACCA) allows us to accompany film projects at different phases of their creative process (writing, development, production). It enables us to reach across a wide spectrum of works (documentary, animation, fiction, “innovation projects /research and new writing” …

Accompagnying projects thanks to the Brittany Film Commission

Initiated and financed by the Région Bretagne, the Brittany Film Commission is made up of a team of experts who will be right at your side as you develop your film project. They will support you from the first stages of production with free and personalised assistance based on an in-depth knowledge of Brittany. A member of the Film Commission Network coordinated by Film France, the Brittany Film Commission has as its objectives: to promote the territory, its scenery and professionals; to attract films and develop the activity of filming in the region; to structure the film and audiovisual sector; to boost benefits from employment, economy, tourism and regional image.

Bringing dynamism to the sector with funding across all sectors

Financial assistance to residencies, to accompanying emerging authors, support for amateur filmmaking, assistance to cultural broadcasting and local and regional television broadcasters, investment in independent cinemas, film literacy, the conservation and validation of works, professional networks, professional training, specific aid to companies in the sector…

Our team

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