Personalized support

Crédit photo : Fanny SABATIER / Tournage du long métrage “De Gaulle”

The Brittany Film Commission offers personalised support to each project holder. Its principle mission is to focus on the promotion of the territory, the scenery and its professionals, to attract and develop filming activity in the region; to build structure in the film and audiovisual sector and to boost benefits in terms of employment, the economy, tourism and regional image. Right from the very first stages of a film’s creation, project holders will enjoy free and personalised assistance, based on our in-depth knowledge of Brittany.

French and foreign film and audiovisual professionals receive help, whatever their type of project: feature films including animation, documentaries or advertisements can enjoy support with:

  • pre-recces of scenery and locations
  • the creation of technical and artistic teams 
  • castings: dissemination of casting calls and offer of rooms
  • contact with suppliers
  • contact with line producers
  • contact with the communities, adminstrations and key people in the territory

The Brittany Film Commission is integrated into the Comité Régional du Tourisme de Bretagne and is a member of the film commissions network coordinated by Film France.

Film France, supported by the  Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée (the national centre of cinematography), reunites this network of film commissions. Its mission is the promotion of filming and post-production in France.

For foreign productions, Film France deals with applications for the International Tax Rebate.