The advantages of Brittany

Crédit photo : Fanny SABATIER

With an ambitious film and audiovisual policy, reinforced funding, a rich professional ecosystem and talent pool that is qualified and diversified along with a territory enjoying a strong identity, Brittany is an attractive region for professionals of the sector. In addition, the Region is easy to access and only 1h25 by train from Paris. Equally as easy by car or plane, with a multitude of ways to come to Brittany available.

The Advantages

Brittany is a region with a thriving audiovisual sector, offering:

  • An ambitious strategy for film and audiovisual works, with attractive funding awards to support documentaries, short films, innovation-research and new writing, feature films and audiovisual works focusing on fiction and animation.
  • A “Responsible Region” focusing on setting an example in terms of the reduction of the ecological footprint, the respect for male/female equality, cultural rights and territorial development.
  • A unique professional ecosystem in France: a pool of authors and creators along with experienced and diversified production companies; a structured and federated regional industry; exemplary cooperation between key players in the region’s audiovisual and film world; a dense network of cinemas, dynamic and inventive festivals and a remarkable capacity for mobilisation and collective action.
  • A territory with plentiful, varied scenery chosen by prestigious directors and just as many young emerging filmmakers. On average, fifteen to twenty feature films and twenty to twenty-five short films are filmed each year in the region.

Coming to Brittany

Accessible by plane via international airports, by car or by train… Brittany is easy to access and is only 1h25 from Paris by train, with many other ways to come. An added extra: the road network within Brittany is entirely free. On the motorway, Rennes is a three-and-half-hour drive from Paris.

Four airports across the territory ensure Brittany is linked to main European cities:

  • From Rennes Airport: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Geneva, London and Madrid.
  • From Brest Airport: Barcelona, Geneva and London.
  • From Dinard Airport: East Midlands and London
  • From Quimper Airport: London


With a high-speed line linking Paris to Rennes, you will find yourself in Brittany in 1h25, while all the other main cities in Brittany are less than 4 hours by train.

  • Paris / Rennes, 1h25
  • Paris / Saint-Malo, 2h15
  • Paris / Saint-Brieuc, 2h15
  • Paris / Vannes, 2h30
  • Paris / Lorient, 3h00
  • Paris / Quimper, 3h40
  • Paris / Morlaix, 3h00
  • Paris / Brest, 3h25

The Brittany 4-lane road network is entirely free. Rennes is 350km from Paris, Saint-Malo 400 km, Saint-Brieuc 450 km, Lorient 500 km, Quimper 560 km and Brest is 590 km

  •  Paris / Rennes, 3h30 by motorway