Service providers description Services: Sound recording, sound design, mixing, sound editing, post-synchronisation, sound effects. Original music composition (documentaries, commercials). Filming gear (news report, corporate film, short film, documentary): Sennheiser wireless kits and Sanken Cos 11 x2 capsules, Röde NTG5 boom & Rycote, Sound Devices 6 track recorder. The studio is equipped with a 6 m² (64 sq. ft) booth for voice-over recording, post-synchronisation, acoustic instruments and sound effects and an audio post-production station: mixing console, analogue and virtual instruments, sound libraries, Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One, Ableton licences.

References: FF "La Maquisarde" (Hevadis Film / sound engineer, sound manager in pre-production and during the shooting), 2 Wopilo TV commercials (Big Cheese Paris / mixer, sound designer and composer), Web Redbull Dance Tour Toronto (RedBull / sound designer, stereo and 5.1 mixer), SF "Je suis une biche" (sound recording, post production sound and music), socumentary "Naked In The arctic" (Green is the new black / original music composer and sound designer), Corporate films: regular sound recording and post production work with production companies like Première Image, Les fistons, Les artisans du film for Paris Fintech, Station F, Hotel Bristol, Research and Education Department, among others.

Location : Quimper, Finistère

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