Service providers description Axô! supports companies wishing to make mineral water dispensers available, and has been active in the refrigerated fountain distribution sector since 1997. The system has been approved by the CHSCT. The fountains can be installed anywhere, and are available in several versions: cool/temperate water, cool/hot water and cool/carbonated water. The company offers a maintenance contract as well as delivery of the full range of consumables.

References: FF "L'Asile" (Agat Films / Apsara Films), TV movie "Le Chant des sirènes" (Fontaram pour France 3), TV serie "37 secondes" (Shoot Again Productions for Arte)

Responsible practices : The use of water fountains limits the use of plastic. Through its CSR charter, Axô is also committed to the sustainability of its business model, both socially and environmentally. Axô is also a member of "Produit en Bretagne", which includes a committed CSR section for its members.

Location : Auray, Morbihan

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