Service providers description Studio du Faune has been a specialist in "sound recording and post-production" for 25 years, serving music, film, TV and VR projects. Studio du Faune has developed a strong expertise in mixing music for videos and films. Equipped with three studios (near Rennes) and residential accommodations: one sound editing & 3D audio mixing (DOLBY ATMOS 9.1.4, Ambisonic HOA, Auro 3D, DTS-X, 5.1), one 5.1 mixing room, one recording studio (92 m2 - 968 sq ft sound stage, voice-over booths). Studio du Faune can accommodate you throughout your project: orchestral, voice and instrument recording (binaural, VR or 3D sound formats), sound editing and 3D audio mixing, encoding for broadcast, creative residency, residential accommodation, technical coordination, executive production. The studios can be configured as a creative residency for authors and composers in the writing or pre-production phase. We accompany productions in the consulting and creation of immersive sound content (writing, sound recording, sound design, voice, mixing, ...), and possible R&D project partnerships.

References: FF "Pharaon, le sauvage et la maîtresse des roses", "Bayala", "Overdose", "Bronx", "Les Lyonnais", "Divines", . .., SF "L'Egratignure", "L'Air de rien", TV Series "Les Papillons Noirs", L’Ile prisonnière", "Astrid et Raphaelle", "Braquo", "L’Enfant que je n’attendais pas", "Olivia", ..., documentaries "BACHAR, moi ou le chaos", "39-45, les animaux de la guerre", musical production (albums by Gim's, Naaman, Dadju, Miossec, Moriarty, Tinariwen. ..) and binaural sound fictions.

Location : Montauban-de-Bretagne, Ille-et-Vilaine

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